At the Waterhole

Waterholes depicted by Australian Indigenous artists are often shown as a series of concentric circles, lines radiating out, radiating in – connecting the water in the centre to the life around. The image of the waterhole reflects something of how Benedictus seeks to be – a place of refreshment and replenishment, an open sanctuary in the midst of our city. Everyone, from whatever background or tradition, is welcome to come sit awhile in the garden, join us for meditation or participate in gatherings that offer a chance to rest, reflect and be returned to daily life replenished.

Retreat in Daily Life: Integrity for Living

For many busy people, it feels impossible to take time away from the commitments of work, family, care and community. A Retreat in Daily Life allows those who cannot retreat ‘away’ the opportunity to focus on God in the midst of the everyday, and to practise integrating prayer, faith and work. Over several weeks, through reflection, group work, one-to-one spiritual direction, journaling, prayer and meditation, we will begin to play/ pray with the transformation journey. An ecumenical team of qualified, experienced Spiritual Directors/Companions will accompany us.

When: 1 May to 5 June

Contact Susanna Pain 0418 637 469, and for more information click here