Sarah gives talks from time to time for other communities and at conferences. She also writes a blog which emerges from her regular Wednesday retreat days.




Benedictus is part of the movement of contemplative renewal in the Christian church today. We draw particularly on the teaching of meditation offered by the World Community for Christian Meditation, but we welcome those who practice silent meditation according to other strands of the tradition. A sense of our unfolding journey is conveyed in Sarah's Pastoral Letters.

The link to the World Community for Christian Meditation allows further exploration of the teaching of John Main and Laurence Freeman, and gives access to the resources offered by that community. The link to Contemplative Outreach allows exploration of the teaching offered by William Meninger, Basil Pennington and Thomas Keating, often known as ‘Centering Prayer’, which is the other major expression of the Christian contemplative tradition to have arisen in the 20th century.


A compelling statement of the centrality of contemplation for Christian life and worship was given by then Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in an Address to the Synod of Bishops at Rome in October 2012.




In his address to the Synod of Bishops at Rome, Rowan Williams explored the links between the non-possessive contemplative regard for the ‘otherness of others’ and true justice. At Benedictus, we are committed to exploring and living out our vocation as a contemplative community for the healing of the world.

One expression of that commitment currently being developed in Canberra is an E-Traid site, which enables the purchase of Fair Trade products directly from producers around the world.