There is all the difference in the world between lives that are merely conformed by moral effort to the shape of Christian ‘virtue’ and those that are transformed through responsiveness to encounter with God’s living reality.

It is the commitment to the journey of transformation that shapes everything we do at Benedictus. This adventure of reconciliation, which goes sometimes painfully by way of our wounds, is the essence of discipleship. It is the only way that we become capable of communicating God authentically to others, agents of Christ’s peace and reconciliation.

As part of this commitment, we offer L’Chaim – a reflective practice group, a Spiritual Practice Group and Kalchaino, a group for young adults to deepen self-knowledge and learn the art of discernment. There is also a Benedictus Men’s Circle and a Theology Reading Group.

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What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.
Meister Eckhart

Too often we react to pressure and the distractions of life, our perception distorted by fear, anxiety and projection. How might we speak and act with integrity? How does everyday experience become a source of transformation rather than something to be survived or conquered? A contemplative response is sourced from a deeper place, from the ‘still centre’ that sustains all authentic living.

L’chaim (meaning ‘to life!’) is our program of formation in contemplative action. In a supportive L’chaim group we attend to aspects of our everyday experience. Creative exploration and theological reflection uncover pathways to deeper integrity and more life-giving ways of being. Over time, we begin to relate to unhelpful patterns with greater freedom.

Spiritual Practice Group

Daily meditation … a weekly walk around the lake …
mindful eating … fasting … spiritual reading …
an intentional Sabbath …

Do you have a regular spiritual practice … a rule of life? Or sense the need to develop one?

Would you like to be encouraged in your commitment to practise, explore and share its fruits?

Our Spiritual Practice Group meets monthly to encourage one another in practices for intentionally opening ourselves more fully to God.


In ancient times divers plumbed the sea in search of a rare shellfish sought after for its rich purple dye. ‘Diving for the purple fish’ – Kalchaino – became the Greek expression for plumbing the depths of one’s own wisdom.

Young adulthood is a time for making important decisions about study, work, friendship and vocation. But the clamour of expectation can drown the voice of our own truth. How do we learn to listen and know ourselves more deeply, and so engage what lies before us from a more aware and integrated place?

Kalchaino is a group for young adults who want to dive deeper. Discover more about our approach and the themes explored in past sessions on our Kalchaino blog.

Benedictus Men’s Circle

The young man who cannot cry is a savage, the old man who cannot laugh is a fool. (Richard Rohr, OFM)

Many men in our society crave a healthy and authentic spirituality, and companionship on the way.

The Benedictus Men’s Circle is a group where men can meet and talk, share and discuss the challenges they face. It seeks to be a place of sanctuary where men learn from each other and have a safe place to explore what matters to them.

The Men’s Circle meets every three weeks and includes a time of silent meditation, as well as opportunities to share and reflect.

Theology Reading Group

Our Theology Reading Group is committed to reading and discussing Christian theology in conversation with and in the light of our own experience and spiritual quest.

Topics and texts are chosen according to the interests of members, and we have explored themes such as God and suffering, the theology of prayer and theological method. The group meets fortnightly in term time and new members are welcome.